Genealogy Source Codes
AB - Ansil Brown Death Records
abt - about
AGJP - Amos Geer Justice of Peace
AGM - Amos Geer Marriages
AV - Avery's History of Ledyard
AVC- Groton Avery Clan
B - Bill Genealogy
b. - born
bapt. - baptized
bet. - between
BF - Bible and family records
BH - Burpees Story of CT.
BGH - Battle of Groton Heights
BM - History of Montville
CE - Census Records
CHS - CT. Historical Society Bulletin
CRSW - First Congregational Church Stonington
CSAR - CT. Sons American Revolution
d. - died
DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution
dec'd - deceased
F - History of the Fanning Family
FA - Mrs. Forrest Arnold Family Record
FBM - Early CT Marriages
G - Gallup Genealogy
GCB - Groton Cemetery Book
GCR - First Congregational Church Groton
GK - George Kerr Manuscript
GO - Genealogical History of the Gallup family
GS - Gravestone
GV - Groton Vital Records
GVB - Groton Vital Records Barbour
H - Hurlbutt Genealogy
HD Joshua Hempstead Diary
HL- Historic Ledyard Vol. 1
HW - History of Wethersfield
L - Lamb Manuscripts
LCB - Ledyard Cemetery Book
LCBS - Ledyard Cemetery Book State
LLR - Ledyard Land Records
LP - Ledyard Probate
LVA - Ledyard Vitals - age listed from child's
birth record
LVG - Living
M - History of James Morgan
MR - Militia Records
mvd. - moved
N - Descendants of Nancy Allyn (Foote) Webb
NEGH - Genealogies of CT. Families
NLP - New London Probate
NLCB - New London Court Records Butler
NLV - New London Vital Records
P - Probate
PAD - Probate Andrew Davis
PC - Preston Cemetery Book
PH - Parkhurst Manuscripts
PJM - Probate Joseph Mallison
PJS - Probate John Stanton
POLR - Pomfret Land Records
PS - Pension National Archives
PSB - Probate Samuel Baker
PVRB - Preston Vital Records Barbour
RGJP - Robert Gere Justice of Peace
S - History of Descendants of Peter Spicer
SB - Susan Baldwin family records
SCBS - Salem Cemetery Book State
SP - Satterlee Papers
SPGS - History of Descendants of Spicer
Ston. - Stonington
SV - Stonington Vital Records
W - Historty of Stonington Wheeler
WM - Genealogy of Williams Family
WW - William Williams Marriages
YCH - Yantic Cemetery State
Avery, Elroy McKenfree and Avery, Catherine Hitchcock The Groton Avery CLan
2 vil. Cleveland 1912
Avery, Rev. John, History of the Town of Ledyard, 1650-1900.  Norwich,
.(Noyes - Davis) 1901
Baker, Henry A History of Montville, CT. Hartford, CT. (Case Lockwood and
Brainard Co.) 1896
Bell, Janice Wightman and Smith, Carolyn E.
Historic Ledyard Vol. 1 Gales
Ferry Village
 Norwich, CT. (Franklin Press) 1976
Bill, Ledyard
History of the Bill Family New York, 1867
Brooks, Walter Frederick
History of the Fanning Family Worcester 1905
Gooch, Mary Evarts
Ancestry and Descendants of Nancy Allyn (Foote) Webb, Rev.
Edward Webb and Joseph Wilkens Gooch.
Wilmington DE Star Pub. Co. 1919
Patriots' Daughters Connecticut Chapters
Gallup, Darwin and Josephine M. Peck.
Gallup Genealogy Portland, ME.
Anthocensen Press 1966
Gallup, John D.
Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in U S Hartford, CT.
Hartford Printing Co. 1893
Meech, Mrs. Susan and Meech, Miss Susan Billings,
History of Descendants of
Peter Spicer.
Boston Stanhope Press 1911
Morgan, Nathaniel H.
History of James Morgan of New London CT. Hartford,
CT. Case. Lockwood and Brainard 1869
Preston Historical Society
Cemeteries and Burials in the Town of Preston 1967
Road Church
History of First Congregational Church, Stonington, Connecticut
Mystic, Ct. Franklin Press 1974 reprint.
Wheeler, Richard Anson
History of First Congregational Church Stonington  
Mystic CT Lawrence Verry Inc. 1966
Williams, J. Oliver
Genealogy of Williams Families Rutland, VT. Tuttle
Publishing Co. Inc. 1938
Brown, Ansil,   Death Record  CT. State Library
Butler, Eva
New London Court Records Old Mystic
Colonial and Indian Center CT.
Parkhurst, Charles
Fifteen Volumes of New London
New London and CT State Library
Bible and Family Records CT. State Library
Church Records CT. State Library
Justice of the Peace Amos Geer CT. State Library & Ledyard
CT. Town Hall
Justice of the Peace William Williams Ledyard CT. Town
George Kerr and Sarah Lavinia Adams Their Ancestors and
Hurlbutt Genealogy Notes of Phoebe Lewis
Lamb Genealogy Ledyard Historical Soc. Research Room
Satterlee Papers
North Groton Genealogies
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